Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is it December already?

Judging by the recent weather changes and that fact that Thanksgiving flew by so quickly, I guess it's time to change my blog background to something a little more festive and Christmas like. Hope you like it. If Andrew would show me how to design a layout in PS and if I had the patience to learn, I'm sure it would look something like this one. :) So I'll just let keep on designing for me. They've always got something new and cute on their site.

So we decided that we should attempt putting up Christmas lights this year. Since we've lived here over two years and never once put up lights, we thought it was time. Surprisingly, it only took about an hour and a half to put them up in spite of the freezing cold wind and the mounds of tree branches in Andrew's way as he navigated across the roof. It feels good to be one of only two houses on the street that has lights up. If I had known it'd only take that long, I'd have done it every year! Anyway, there's just something about seeing your very own home lit up all bright with a Christmas tree in each window. Ok, yes I have one main tree in the living room. Caroline has two little trees in her room and Andrew has a "man" tree in the office. Now I can put out all of his star wars, vintage cars & random "tacky" ornaments that wouldn't dare go on my beautiful tree in the living room! :) See Exhibit A - the hideous lamp that lights up and says the phrases from the movie "A Christmas Story". If I had that lamp though I must admit, I'd probably put it in my window!

I know it's crazy but I would seriously have one in every room if I could afford it and my husband didn't tell me I'd be certifiably insane. "Kevin, what is it with you and Christmas trees?" Oh how I relate to Kevin McCallister. Everytime I see the different ways you could decorate a tree, it's all I can do to not buy another one! I saw a light & dark turquoise tree with silver accents the other day and thought, if only I had a room with turquoise! My mom was down after Thanksgiving and we decked he house out with all my decorations and it looked 100% better than it did last year! I need her to come help me every year! Looking at the picture of my fireplace this year, I think it's
pretty much a 180 from previous years to say the least. Isn't the board my sister made so cute?! I love it because if you don't know the movie, it still applies to the season! :) Well, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!