Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last weekend, we took Caroline to see the new Hannah Montana movie. So just as I thought, it was cheesy and silly and unrealistic as most kid movies are. However, there was one part that caught my attention. After her dad has taken her out to the country to get her away from the rockstar lifestyle, she starts to realize how much her dad's done for her over the course of her life. She writes a song for him about a song he used to sing to her as a kid. It made me think of my parents. How much they must have sacrificed for my sister and I. I know they had each other but I know there had to have been difficult times. I'm sure there are even things they went through that I don't know about. But through everything my family endured, we always knew we had each other. I knew no one loved me like they did. Sitting in that hot, germ-infested theatre, God was showing me just how much He had blessed me. I was blessed with an example that most kids can only dream about. An example of love, protection, gentleness, discipline, hard work and Christ-centered purpose.

Mom and Dad, thank you for always doing your best to be an example of Christ's love in your world. You have blessed so many lives other than just mine. Thank you for always encouraging me to achieve my dreams and use my gifts to glorify God; to be an example to others and a light to this dark world. Thank you for your commitment to each other and to our family. I'm so blessed yet feel unworthy of such love.